Bulletin Archive

The gallery below contains  every bulletin that exists in electronic form.  It is in date order (most recent first).  Some of the very early ones (1987!!) have been scanned but there are many still to be done to complete the electronic archive.

The table below shows the bulletin editors and production methods, since the club began:

Dates Produced by Size / Frequency Production technology Originally saved as
1st Generation Apr 87 - Mar 88 Henry Barker A4 sheets / Monthly Typewriter / photocopy Paper copies
2nd Generation July 88 - ??? Don Brisbane A4 sheets Typewriter / photocopy Paper copies
3rd Generation Doug Murphy A5 booklet Booklet manually Paper copies
4th Generation Feb 03 - Jun 2011 Dennis Allport A5 booklet / Bi-monthly DTP, Serif PagePlus Serif PagePlus files
5th Generation Aug 2011 to Dec 2014 Gordon Jackson A5 booklet / Bi-monthly DTP, MS Publisher Adobe Acrobat pdf files
Feb 2015 to May 2017 Gordon Jackson A5 booklet / Quarterly DTP, MS Publisher Adobe Acrobat pdf files
6th Generation Oct 2018 to date Michael Lacey Word docx pdf files