older activities

Tues 12 Nov – Last year we won the Hazel Grove Rotary quiz, and we did again this year at what will be the final one organised by that club, which, sadly, is closing. From next year we will be running the quiz, but we keep this trophy for ourselves in perpetuity!

Thurs 7 Nov – A dozen of us went to the 60th Charter celebration of a neighbouring club, Hazel Grove. Sadly that club will be closing later this year. If any of their members wish to continue in Rotary and would like to join our club, we will make them very welcome.i

Thurs 7 Nov – Stuffing envelopes for Walthew House Christmas appeal.

Wed 6 Nov – Committees. More planning for Christmas. For fashion show. For wine appreciation event. Possible trip to Bulgaria in April. And so on ……..

Sat 26 Oct – Peace Seminar. A group of our members went to this annual event at Bradford University, one of a few places around the world where Rotary sponsors Peace Studies. The group heard from students and participated in some interactive events.

Wed 23 Oct – Manchester Water Supply. Andrew Bunch gave an insightful talk on where our water comes from and how it gets to us. It is something we cannot take for granted but it seems in good hands.

Fri 18 Oct – A ramble around Marple

Wed 16 Oct – We played pyramid bowling at Parrs Wood followed by a fabulous meal at Bombay to Mumbai in Fir Road. Our mascot, Quackers, kept a beady eye on us at the bowling alley, and enjoyed a pint of Cobra at the Indian Restaurant.

Wed 9 Oct – Public Health and Environmental Degradation
Despite an uninviting title, Darryl Quantz gave an excellent, if somewhat alarming, talk on the impact of climate change on our health. He was clear that time really is running out and we must make difficult changes to reduce the impact of humans on the planet. A very lively discussion followed.

Wed 2 Oct International evening
We invited 8 students from India, China, Malaysia, Nigeria and Indonesia to join us for a meal and conversation and then to tell us a bit about themselves, their studies, home countries and aspirations.

Wed 25 Sep – Committees
Planning underway for the Xmas collections and the Santa Float Rounds. Leaflets to design. Sponsors to find. Routes to check. Float to service. Collectors to notify. Loads to do. First round on Dec 1st!!!

Fri 20 Sep – A group on a walk in the sunshine.

Wed 18 September – Charter Night

This night celebrates the birthday of the club in 1986. We had a great time in Romulus restaurant in the centre of Bramhall. 33 years old and going strong!

Sat 14 September – What a day! The Scarecrow festival and the Tour of Britain. Wow!

Wed 11 September – We had a fascinating talk on small scale bee farming. Marian knew her subject well and answered lots and lots of questions from an impressed audience.

Wed 4 September – Committee meetings were held to plan future charitable and social activities. Our District Governor paid us a visit and updated us on the wider world of Rotary.

Sat 31 August – A few of us went to Ed’s hairdressers 4th birthday party at Tre Ciccio. We had a great time at this very lively fund raiser, the proceeds of which were donated to our club. Thank to Ed’s for raising over £1,200. Well done.

Wed 28 August – One of our members gave a “this is me” talk. Sarah told us about her early family life, her education and her very varied and interesting career to date as well as her involvement with Rotary before joining our club.

Fri 23 August – A group of us rambled from Marple to Chadkirk and back via the Marple Aqueduct.

Wed 21 August – Emeritus Professor of Astronomy at Manchester, Ian Morison, gave a fantastic talk on the possibilities of life outside Earth. Of course nobody knows but on balance single cell life is probable, but humans are at least special and maybe unique. Fascinating stuff from a remarkable man.

Wed 14th August – Crown Green Bowling. We had a great time bowling but nobody took a photo! So here we are enjoying a meal at the club house afterwards.

Wed 7th August – Committees. We spent the evening planning programmes for the coming months. In particular the Scarecrow Festival. Immediately before the meeting a group of 10 of us visited Swanbourne Gardens, a respite home for children with complex needs, where we recently provided £2,500 worth of sensory play equipment.

Wed 24th July – Martin Byrne gave a really good talk showing how just 4 chords cover a fantastic range of songs. He also used music to illustrate good practise in business.

Wed 17th July Walk at Bollington followed by Pub Meal

Wed 10th July Fun and Games Evening

Wed 3rd July – Outgoing President Steve handed over to President Michael

Sun 30th June – We enjoyed an excellent meal at Tre Ciccio to mark the end of Steve’s year as President.

Wed 26th June – Andrew gave a really interesting talk on Mental Health

Wed 19th June – A treasure hunt around Bramhall Centre – featuring stops at The Vic, Mounting Stone and 78degrees Gin Bar!