Bramhall ‘Back in Time’ Scarecrow Festival 2019

Enter the fifth annual Bramhall Scarecrow Festival on Saturday 14 September and you could win a £100 prize…and get your home on TV as the Tour of Britain passes through the village.

The Scarecrow Festival theme this year is ‘Back in Time.’ You have free rein to dress your scarecrow and props are allowed. You can make your own scarecrow from scratch and enter it for just £10 or you can get a creation kit for just £20.

You can get a kit by contacting Maggie at, through the Facebook page for Bramhall and Woodford Rotary or from The Happy Potter in Bramhall Village Square.

(To create a scarecrow scene the costs are £35 two kits, £45 three kits and just £50 four kits.)

Sketch of Bramhall and Woodford Rotary scarecrows Billy Bow and Bella on penny farthing bikes
Our scarecrows Billy Bow and Bella getting in the Back in Time and cycling theme

Please display your scarecrows in your front gardens from Monday 26 August.

To enter the competition and have a chance to win £100 please bring them to the square in front of Bramhall Methodist Church for 11 am on Saturday 14 September. Mary Robinson MP and the Mayor of Stockport, Councillor Laura Booth will be amongst the judges.

All proceeds are going to Signpost Stockport for Carers, which supports young carers in our area.

Local businesses can also enter the competition in a separate category. The costs are the same. Please email Maggie for more details.

The Scarecrow Festival coincides with the Tour of Britain passing through Bramhall at just after 11.30 am on Saturday 14 September.

The cyclists will be passing along Woodford Road and Bramhall Lane South and we would love for the route to be lined with scarecrows.

Bramhall & Woodford Rotary is also organising music and dance throughout the village from 11 am on the final Saturday including the mystifying magicians, Bramhall School of Dancing, uniyclists and stiltwalkers, Poynton Jemmers and Adlington Morrismen. There will be a trail for the kids to follow with a prize goody bag at the end. We hope to see you there!