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lists of when Santa will visit which streets here
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Santa’s Elves have been very busy lately. Not only have they been preparing the Float to take Santa on his annual tour but they have also been approaching lots of local businesses for support Huge thanks are due to Construction Q of Bramhall, Monkhouse of Cheadle Hulme, B2B International (Bramhall), Be the Best Business Ltd. (Bramhall), Keller Kitchens at Byles (Bramhall), Short Construction (Cheadle Hulme), Mucky Monster Club, and Inspired People Network, who have all now become Honorary Elves and make this year’s Tour possible. Santa will begin his rounds in his sleigh on Saturday 2nd December, on Bramhall and Woodford Rotary Club's Float and will then be out and about every night in Bramhall, Woodford and Cheadle Hulme meeting the children and finding out just what they would REALLY like for Christmas. This year he will be visiting the Woodford Garden Village to see the boys and girls there. The Christmas Float is a well known fund raiser which has been in existence for over forty years raising thousands of pounds for many deserving causes in that time. This year sixteen local organisations and charities will be visiting most of the streets in the area with Santa and undertaking a door to door collection. When you hear or see the Float please encourage your young ones to go and see Santa, also please give generously. This year the Float is once again organised by Bramhall and Woodford Rotary Club and is being pulled by a van kindly loaned by Express Solicitors (an award winning firm that specialise in personal injury claims.). Leaflets will be delivered to your door during November which will let you know which night he will be coming to your street to hear your Christmas wish list and bring you some early Christmas goodies. After their success last year, SANTA STOPS will continue to be a feature on certain weekend routes
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Things are changing at Bramhall Rotary
The typical person thinking of joining Rotary no longer has the time to devote they once had. In line with changes in the work-place, we now operate with far less formality and of course Rotary is now completely gender mixed.We now have just
- 1 speaker meeting per month
- new informal meeting
- plenty of social activities !