About Bramhall & Woodford Rotary Club

B&W Rotary has 36 members. All Rotary Clubs have a governing committee elected from the membership on an annual basis.  This group is known as "Council" in B&WR (various names are used, e.g. "Board" in RI documentation). Our Council has 10 members. (Note, unlike many, we do not include the Immediate-Past-Pres as a council member).
All bar the Pres, Sec & Treasurer have committees made up of the other B&WR members. These posts can be thought of in 3 categories:

4 Basic functions self explanatory functions of almost any organisation (UK readers: for "president", read "chairman")
4 Charity related work closely together to organise our charitable collections, donations and other causes
2 Club related running B&WR as a club

Note - these are the Officers & Chairmen for Rotary Year 1st July 2016 to 30th June 2017


Performs the function known as "Chairman" in British English.  Chairs both the normal weekly meetings and the monthly council meetings.  ("President" comes from Rotary being a USA based organisation, even if it sounds rather pretentious within the UK !)



Also known as "President-Elect".  Whoever is elected Vice-President each year automatically becomes President the next. Currently the VP is also responsible for membership development. Although all the Council posts should ideally be filled by different people, it has been know for the VP to also hold another post.


A far easier job now in the age of email than it once was !  Most of the work is done in two basic functions.  Firstly the secretary is the recipient of all inbound material from the rest of Rotary (district, UK and international).  This info has to be forwarded on as appropriate to the relevant B&WR members.  Secondly the secretary is responsible for various club admin procedures, running the AGM's, update of RI membership records etc.



Maintains the accounts, naturally.  We have two separate accounts: the house account used for all things to do with running B&WR as a club and the Charity account.  This naturally contains all the moneys we collect at various events, before it is presented to the the charities we choose to support.  An all too onerous part of the treasurers job is the counting of many thousands of pounds in coins we collect each year !

Ways & Means

Responsible for our (current) two main collection events: the Duck Race in May, and the Christmas collections.  Perhaps plus other smaller events.  This is the largest committee as the organisation of these events requires large amounts of skill and effort.


Community Service

Co-ordinates our support of the local community.  This is achieved in two ways, although they are often intermingled. Some of our community service covers activities we do to help the community directly with our time and effort.  The other aspect is allocating the moneys we raise via W&M's activities to local charities.


Controls our work with international charities, and with the major world charitable concerns RI maintains.  Anything to do with the Rotary Foundation is also included within this committee.  Occasionally organises collections where the recipient charity is abroad.


PR & Comm's

Mostly concerned with publicising our charitable work within the local press and on-line etc.

Club Services

Runs the regular weekly meetings.  This involves finding speakers or planning other events (done via a rota of members).  Collecting the weekly moneys for the meals and maintaining an "attendance" service for guests & members.



Runs the social functions we have as a club.  The main formal ones each year are "President's Night", in March and Charter Night in Sept/Oct.  President's drinks in Dec/Jan and a BBQ in Jun/Jul complete the annual events.  There are various other events like theatre trips organised.


Who are we? We are a club, open to people from all walks of life who share our values. There are thousands of other Rotary clubs around the world which together make up Rotary International
What do we do? We meet every week, so instead of having a meal at home, we have that meal with our friends in a restaurant, and not just one or two friends, but usually 20-30. Our normal meeting night is a Wednesday. For further details see [Venue] button. . Following an excellent meal in a friendly atmosphere we often have speakers providing an opportunity to learn about things that one would not normally come across - always interesting, always pertinent, always well worth listening to.
Throughout the year we also undertake a number of fund raising activities in the area, support a wide range of charities both by donations and our time, organise social events for members, their partners and guests.
What are the benefits of being a Rotarian? We all believe in giving service to others. We have a commitment. We are Rotarians. It gives another dimension to our social and business life. We are committed to high ethical standards in business. We are committed to searching out the needs of the community. With fellowship, that caring commitment is not a great personal burden, but that feeling of caring, of being respected, is certainly one to be envied. Rotary is world-wide. Rotarians are entitled to visit any club in the world, unannounced, pay for the meal, and sit down amongst new friends - Rotarians
What commitment is needed? Sometimes you hear people who might make good Rotarians, say: "I can't spare the time, I cannot make a regular weekly meeting." As always, the more you put into an activity, the more you get out. But no one goes to every meeting. The average attendance is about 60% so clearly some attend nearly every meeting and some very few. It would however be pointless to want to join if you could not envisage making around this 60% mark. Once a commitment is made, a busy person can normally reserve the time for the Rotary meeting in the diary and enjoy the relaxation of Rotary. It is good therapy - ask any Rotarian.
What could you offer to Rotary? Your fellowship, enthusiasm, practical skills and ideas to make all of the above flourish. If you want to "put something back" into the community, then Rotary is probably for you!
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Club Guide We have also published a Guide for new & potential new members.
Click here to read the web version or ClubGuide2011.pdf for a pdf version (opens new window).
Surrounding Rotary Clubs Going roughly clockwise around us are the Rotary clubs: Gatley, Cheadle, Hazel Grove, Poynton, Wilmslow & Altrincham.  For details, see [District 1285].  There, see, despite opinions to the contrary, District IS of use for something!