Rotary Club

We are a club of x women and y men.  Each month there are 3 meetings on a Wednesday evening, plus some sort of social function. Sometimes lots of the members turn up, but of late its been very few, your webmaster included.
Duck Race

Every May the Duck Race takes place in Bramhall Park. We are really looking forward to a thoroughly wet day, so we can wreak the place, in good old Bramhall Festival style.. The grass is currently looking far too good.
Christmas Float

In 20xx Rotary took over the Xmas Float which had been run by Bramhall Round Table for the previous 3 decades. Sadly it's much less fun now as boring old Rotarians just don't get how to run it properly.
Member Info & Links

Stuff here aimed principally at members of Rotary, but not necessarily of B&W.


Uganda Trip
The meeting was well attended by members and their guests as we were treated to an excellent presentation about the Uganda trip. Vida noted apologies from Gill, Neil and Chris. Sid and Pam were poorly so hope you two are feeling better now. Michael informed us that Pam was now improving. Duck Race sales online exceeded those sold over the Easter period. The business cards are available and advertise and tempt those folk to go on line if they do not have the ready cash. Please have these cards on the collecting tables when selling tickets. Ian informed us that his ebay sales of donated old coins and jewellery from Rotary members had raised £180 which has been transferred to Michael. John M gave us an update on Duck Race rota. Still slots to be filled so if anybody has availability please put yourself down David informed us that he has been attending the High Peak Consortium who are looking at ways of recruiting new members. Hazel Grove Rotary , along with other local rotary clubs and who support Beechwood Care and Walthew house and are involved with the Plaza Cinema in Stockport. 2 films are to be screened - 11 May and 21 June. Money raised from these showings will go to Beechwood Care and Walthew house. Tickets will be £10 public, £8 Rotarians. David will circulate more details regarding this event. All the girls ( Sue, Maggie,Pat and Julia) looked very colourful as they had come dressed in native Ugandan attire to give the evening atmosphere. They were let down by the men. Bob had his position as President to consider so dressed in normal clothes. Harry had no excuse. Maggie started the talk by introducing us to the home made dishes using authentic Ugandan recipes. Food seem to feature largely in the group's Ugandan experiences and we were encouraged to sample the fayre on offer to supplement the usual supper. I personally thought it was all delicious, especially the red peanut sauce. Sue then gave us an excellent presentation with accompanying slides and contributions from her fellow travellers. We had a quick geography lesson ( maps from Harry) and a fact sheet and a brief history of how the links had been forged between Kasese Rotary( Uganda ) and B&W Rotary Sue went to Uganda as a Teacher doing VSO. Met another Teacher out there - Carol- and became friends. Sue returned to the UK (1971) and married Bob. Carol married Emmanual (from Africa) and returned to live in Uganda. Sue returned to Uganda after 25 years , hooked up with Carol as as she and her husband were Rotarians and set about establishing links With the aid of Rotary Air miles, 2 Rotarians, Albert and Milly from Kasese were able to visit us in UK. B&W Rotary were able to do an exchange visit in 2013 ( prize for video produced by Brian Dougal). The 2017 Rotary visit appeared to have had a very busy schedule with lots of food consumed. All were housed with local Rotarians and were well looked after. Activities included visits to the tourist school, fun (!) runs which raised £2000, dodging the boda boda motorcycles, visits to a local village where the only water supply was collected manually from the river, which was not particularly clean and visits to primary schools. They also attended a local Rotary meeting, visited Milly's orphanage, saw Rotary donated toilets, the local hospital and provided help at a medical camp. Harry came into his own here, managing with very basic facilities and limited drugs, but with the advantage of having the on site nurse helping to diagnose many cases of malaria and typhoid. Bob the time keeper called time and wrapped up the evening after lots of questions. Uganda part 2 ( The Rest of the holiday and lots of bird pictures) will be presented on another Rotary night No blind run mon 1st May as a BH. Denise