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a very successful year for the Rotary (ex-Round Table) float
a huge number of children got to see Santa
(thanks in part to better than average weather for December?)

preliminary results indicate we collected a fantastic £7,400 (cf £6,700 last year)

Things are changing at Bramhall Rotary
The typical person thinking of joining Rotary no longer has the time to devote
they once had. In line with changes in the work-place, we now operate with
far less formality and of course Rotary is now completely gender mixed.

We now have just
- 1 speaker meeting per month
- new informal meeting
- plenty of social activities !

A short (50s) advert for B & W Rotary Club

3 min flight around Bramall Hall
Want to make a
Charity Donation to
Bramhall & Woodford Rotary Club?
Use your mobile and text
to 70070 BWRT24 £x
where x is your donation
e.g. "BWRT24 £5"
If you are interested in joining Rotary, or finding out more, please
send a message to us
Our purpose: ”to try to improve the world whilst having fun doing it in the company of friends”.
Our club, like all other Rotary clubs, exists to foster the concept of service to the community,
both locally and internationally.

We usually meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday each month.
19.30 for 20.00 at the Ladybridge Park Residents Club
(address & map)
Presentation of Rotary Charter, 24 Sept 1986

Why a Cogwheel ???

read the history
learn about cogwheels???